how to join the neighborhood
we’ll keep it simple:
• a username of the celebrity you’re playing (stage names and well known nicknames are acceptable)
• a backdated friends only post
• a backdated contact post
• 2 examples friends locked in your journal or drop boxed to the mod journal
wire is optional and we will look into having a group chat if there are enough interested members. we’re not going to police what you do on wire but we do ask that you be mindful of the group chats that you create and don’t use these as a way to exclude members.

we’re only accepting celebrities over the age of 18.

we encourage creativity at personally. updates can take any form so there’s no minimum word count. if you wish to update in the form of a narrative or style then this counts.

you must post something in your journals every two weeks.

if you post a traditional update we ask that you make the effort to reply to the people that comment you!

if you’re removed for not updating on time you are at risk of being overridden.

hiatuses, overrides & extensions
life gets in the way so we’re not too strict on the rules of hiatuses. we’d ask that you don’t ask for more than four weeks after your last update but if you need longer than this we’re understanding. no need to tell us why! but if we see that you’re abusing this and still being active then we may allow an override.

as we don’t have a word count on updates, extensions will be granted for up to an additional week only.

if you don’t post an intro within three days you’ll be up for override. if your friends list is more than two weeks out of date we’ll allow an override. if you have any questions about whether a member is active and can be overridden, drop us a comment.

harassment and ooc blurring
we’re not here to baby you but we also won’t accept any harassment. if you’re found to be harassing any member of the community, you’ll removed. if you have any ooc issues with a member of the community please comment the mods about this. this isn’t gotham, we’re not here for vigilante justice.

we also don’t want ooc cliques forming at the comm. everyone is welcome so you should keep your behavior ic. if the drama is ic, by all means keep the drama! but remember to keep this in character. when it comes to ooc behavior, everyone should be kind. so basically: don't be a dick ooc or we'll remove you.

anon commenting is disabled as default when you register a journal so we suggest you keep this setting.

we encourage members to arrange extras for the community but please let us know what they are! you can run these yourself but we just want a heads first.

at this time we won’t be implementing update passes as our update requirements are pretty lax but we will review this in the future.

we will have a mod run gossip journal. as this is a celebrity comm, we want to work some realism into it. after all, everything lives forever on the internet! every two weeks we will post a gossip round up with the salacious details of all your going ons. there will be a dropbox for all of those anonymous sources, but remember this is ic gossip so keep it relevant. you can comment this with your journal or with an anon journal - we’ll assume all comments are anonymous unless you specify in the comment that this piece of information comes from britney’s or her pr manager.

if you have any ideas for extras you would like to mods to implement please let us know!